Testimonials from Learners

Marcella Thorp - The Spire Alexandra Hospital - Kent

Apprenticeship in Customer Service

Prior to commencing the course I was uncertain of my abilities and found it daunting. However through continuous support and encouragement from my assessor I feel much more confident now. I have a greater knowledge of the industry I work in and have increased my knowledge in other areas too. I enjoy the sense of achievement when I complete a task successfully.

Kirsty Fraser - Azur - Kent

Apprenticeship in Retail

Throughout my NVQ I feel that I have been given excellent training and if I have not understood something I knew that I could always email and ask what it meant. I have felt comfortable the whole way through and have enjoyed doing it. I feel that by using e-learning it has made completing my NVQ much easier and a lot quicker it means that I can do my work, email it off and then receive more in a day rather than having to wait until next time that I see my tutor.

Tenniel Francis - Haringey Council

Advanced Apprenticeship in Administration

I am glad that I started this course because it has opened doors for me as I wanted to study at University, but never had all the qualifications required.

Charlotte Fagan - Best Friends Vets - Chingford

Apprenticeship in Administration

I have enjoyed learning new things during my time doing this course, I have learnt many new things such as the correct way to send letters and e-mails to our clients before doing the course. I didn’t know how to set them out properly so now I am quite confident in writing letters and emails to clients.

Learning how to do these simple things are the things I have enjoyed the most as it has given me the confidence to do simple tasks which I would shy away from.

Julie Hayden - Advanced Lettings - Ashford Letting Agent

Apprenticeship in Administration

I have really enjoyed the Diploma in Business Administration course because it has made me realise how much my job entails, and the various skills I use, without necessarily being aware of them before. I have liked the way that I have been able to use my initiative to evidence my research.

The course has helped me understand the importance of what I do, it has highlighted the strengths and weaknesses, within myself and my workplace, that I may not have recognised before.

Janice Chapman-Curd - Linens Direct - Maidstone

Apprenticeship in Customer Service

Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Service

Apprenticeship in Business Administration

The support that I have received whilst undertaking the courses has enabled me to be totally enthusiastic thus not only taking more courses, but always eager to complete all my homework putting 100% effort into it.

I really appreciate being given the opportunity to undertake these qualifications as I am 55 years old and really did not think that I would be given such a chance again.

Sarah Burnage - City Pets - Chingford

Apprenticeship in Customer service

E Track has helped me in so many ways I am able to work at my own speed and I can easily email over my homework or queries I have and Sam is always happy to help.

Georgia Ruel - Reliance Property Management Services - Stratford

Apprenticeship in Customer Service

Our assessor Liam has been very helpful with the tasks he sets us and if we need help he would be there by the phone or email to guide us through.

Iwona Lach - Victoria Knight - Stratford

Apprenticeship in Customer Service

Since starting the Customer Service course the communication between myself and my co-workers has defiantly improved. The course has helped us to improve the way we deal with angry and difficult clients and I have noticed that we deal with them ourselves without the hep of our directors. Also I have noticed fewer complaints.

Our assessor has been very helpful by explaining the units to us and making clear the tasks that we were to complete. If he gave us the task to do it at home and I was struggling with something or did not understand I could always call him up or email him for advice and he would always be helpful.

Kate Matera - RSPCA Gravesend

Apprenticeship in Customer Service

E Track and e-Learning has helped me to send my work by e-mail by being a fast and fairly efficient way of making sure that my work is processed more quickly. It meant that I simply needed to complete my work, save it on a disc and send it to my tutor via an e-mail. E Track has been a useful tool in completing my work on the whole.

Melvyn Paul Temple - Greater London Hire

Apprenticeship in Customer service

As it is several years since I left school or undertook any form of formal education, the NVQ course has been a real eye opener. I have learnt a great deal and understood the implications of good customer service - it has allowed me to approach my hob in recruitment and liaison more professionally.

Linda Dyer - Accommodate, Dartford letting agent

Advanced Apprenticeship in Administration

By doing the NVQ’s with Sam, it has enabled me to expand my knowledge and helped me to realise I can achieve more in life. This has only happened because of the dedication of Sam. She is very positive in her approach to work, which is indicative of Davidson Training. I will be sad when I finish my training and I never thought I would say that.

Mahbub Choudhury - Tower Hamlets Community Credit Union

Apprenticeship in Customer Service

My NVQ trainer Mandy has been very helpful as I’m not the easiest student to deal with and can get easily distracted. She always encouraged me and motivated me to keep up with the course, some of her advice, which I received from here during our sessions has helped me enormously.

Carolyn Goss - Benfleet Dental Practice

Advanced Apprenticeship in Administration

This course has improved my performance when dealing with problems that arise at work. It has helped me to sort out patients, arranging weekly roots, staff holidays, banking and staff end of month wages. I feel more confident in myself and have enjoyed doing this course. I would like to thank Davidson Training for enabling me to do this and a very special’Thank you’ to Aimee for making me feel good about myself.

Anita Cahill - Greater London Hire Limited

Apprenticeship in Customer Service

I found the course very informative and helpful, especially in my current position as a customer services advisor and also helped in refreshing my Maths and English skills.

Carla Goodburn - YMCA

Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Service

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing my level 2 Customer Service NVQ. I have found it excellent to be able to learn at my own pass and Mary has been kind enough to spare me the time so I could continue my studies whilst on maternity leave as well as sick leave after having a stroke which was brilliant as it gave me something to focus on.

Shamsa Khan - Crawley Medical Centre

Customer Service NVQ Level 2

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great assistance in helping me complete my course. I have learnt a vast variety of knowledge through this course. It has given me the confidence in dealing with problems at work and mature as a receptionist.

Leanne Relf – The Spire Alexandra Hospital - Kent

Apprenticeship in Administration

Whilst completing my NVQ I have learnt to be confident with the knowledge I already have about my job as well as gaining confidence to improve and gain more experience within my role. I have enjoyed producing homework with examples of things I have achieved and situations I have resolved as it gives you the opportunity to reflect on what you have accomplished.

Ashleigh Fiander - Greater London Hire

Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Service

I have found the course very interesting. It has been helpful with my everyday jobs when dealing with customers. Sam has been a great help and always on hand if you have any problems.

Kenny Wilkins - Stratford Picture House - Stratford

Apprenticeship in Customer Service

Before I started this course my work was very sloppy, I was in the verge of losing my job and I did not know how to approach customers and staff in a professional and correct manner. Also I did not follow guidelines to the full, but doing this NVQ course has helped me improve my work all round.

I recommend this course to anybody who has had a rough time at school or is walking a slippy tight rope at work, because doing this course gives you a sense of achievement of completing something by yourself without any distraction.

Nazma Khanom Voyce - Stratford Picture House

Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Service

I have really enjoyed carrying out my NVQ with Davidson Training. There was a lot of hard work but the assessor was very supportive and I was able to work at my own pace. I have been inspired to consider my future job prospects and would highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their own job potential.

Heena Patel - Imperial Dental Care - Harrow

Advanced Apprenticeship in Administration

Davidson Training has been a great help to me. My trainer Aimee Gibbs has been an excellent tutor. I did not expect an excellent one to one tutorial. I got all my questions, problems and weaknesses sorted efficiently. The NVQ course is really informative and applicable to my daily work.

Rubina Ali Mahmood - Crawley Medical Centre - Crawley

Apprenticeship in Customer Service

The Customer Service course helped me expand my thoughts in how to deal with patients. I have learned how to analyse the body language of patients to make them feel more comfortable so I don’t seem as a threat, but be there to help them.