What does e-learning involve?

E-learning involves the interaction of learning activities that use computers and networks

Resources will be available to you via our website and accessed through a secure login (details which will be provided upon enrolment). This will also mallow you access to your e-portfolio.

These resources we use are diverse and include the following:

  • Online learning resources.
  • Tasks and Assignments that can both be downloaded and completed and then e-mailed to your Trainer/Assessor or uploaded to your e-portfolio or alternatively downloaded and kept for future reference.
  • Dynamic learning platform where you will complete initial assessment and diagnostics tests to ascertain your maths and English abilities. Dynamic learning will also give you access to a broad range of training materials to improve your skills in ,maths and english.
  • Website Links where you will be able to select your own learning resources.
  • Website Links where you will be able to access information relating to the underpinning knowledge with regards to the qualification you’re completing.
  • Interactive Learning Materials.
  • Access to the Standards for the qualification you are completing.
  • 24 hour access to all training materials and your e-portfolio.
  • Theory development for the QCF/NVQ, Technical Certificate and Functional Skills.
  • On line tests.
  • The opportunity to upload all types of media as evidence towards your qualification.
  • Sector Skills Council training materials.
  • City and Guild Smartscreen to access additional learning materials.
  • Online Assessment Plans and target setting.
  • Ability to see your progress on an ongoing basis.

Your Trainer/Assessor will have direct contact with you on an ongoing basis and direct you where to send your evidence once you have completed e-learning tasks and assignments. Within your e-portfolio there is a journal where you can message your Trainer/Assessor.