Business Administration

Becoming a business administration apprentice could do wonders to build confidence around people.  Working in business administration means meeting and greeting office visitors, so apprentices will naturally become more confident and be able to develop their people skills.  This is very important in a business environment!

As a business administration apprentice they will be gaining a work-based qualification.  This means working in full time employment and carrying out on and off the job training.  If an apprentice joins the office environment at a young age, it means that apprenties will develop important soft skills such as, organisation, communication, ability to work under pressure, time-keeping, teamwork and managing their own performance, amongst many others.  Having these soft skills can give a huge advantage.

The business administration apprenticeship can include many areas of office based work such as telecommunications, filing, photocopying, inputting data, note taking, computer systems, customer name a few!  This versatility means that the business administration apprenticeship is really good for young people who are not one hundred percent sure which area of business they would like to break into.

An apprenticeship in Business Administration offers individuals in employment the chance to gain nationally recognised qualifications and enhance their career opportunities within the Business and Administration sector

The following course is available (please click to download course sheet)

Apprenticeship Standards

Business Administration Apprenticeship Level 3

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